Thursday, November 5, 2009


Complex Magazine has made an impact on many urban cultures whether it may be mens fashion, sneaker collectors and followers alike, musicians, gamers, and artist of all sorts. Since 2002 when Marc Ecko founded Complex, they have been one of the main contributors in supplying information for these sub cultures in urban areas around the country. The bi-monthly magazine has much to offer and has many followers, some of them being big name artist such as Kanye West who is also an assiciate editor for the magazine. As this company grows more and more, I noticed that there wasn't any credibility on Wikipedia for the video department who has supplied thousands of viewers around the company with in depth articles and features that only help sell more copies on the streets. As a former intern my proposal is to contribute to one of the largest mens fashion magazine websites, and to update on how much of an impact Complex has made to the internet.

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